Mailles nye dijon med chablis og svarte trøfler


Maille med trøffelJepp! Supersennep til 29 £ kommer flyvende i posten om du bestiller den på Mailles hjemmeside.  

Sennepen omtales slik på Mailles egen hjemmeside:

The seductive aroma hits you as soon as you prise open a pot of Maille’s black truffle mustard. Served fresh from the pump at the Maille boutique in its trademark black stoneware jar, just a small spoonful will take a simple grilled steak to another level. Quite simply, truffles send some of us into a gastronomic frenzy, and that includes truffle mustard.

Hunting for truffles is about as exciting as it gets for your truffle lover. A heady aroma fills the air: earthy, garlicky, mushroomy, heavenly. Not that anybody can do this, you need a specialist for that. A man and his dog – or pig, to be precise.

MD023-Maille-1000x360-012011Drive south-east out of Bordeaux for two hours and you’ll hit Périgord in the Dordogne. Here, ancient villages are built into steep cliffs, imposing châteaux sit alongside simple Romanesque churches and dramatic limestone gorges interrupt endless old-growth forests. It’s in these very forests that you’ll find one of the world’s most luxurious foods, black truffles, costing up to 1000 Euros a kilo.

Their precise whereabouts are a closely guarded secret only the rabassiers (truffle hunters) know where to look. The truffles begin to smell only when they are ready to pick, found between 5cm-40cm below the ground, usually near the base Trøffel_3-200x300of oak trees. Truffles are available throughout the seasons, but they are at their most intense in January and February, when the truffle hunters are at their busiest.

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